DESIGNER: Brian Suhre
ARTISTS: Danny Duford, Jason Washburn

In Winterborne, players are not just participants but the founders of their mighty clan. Their role is crucial as they must lead their people wisely and prepare them to survive the cruel Norse winter. They have one Norse calendar year to explore, trade, and conquer their way to supremacy. At the end of the coldest season, the clan with the most Victory Points will emerge as the Champion of Winterborne. The others will be left to Hela’s cold mercies. Winter is waiting for your leadership…

Winterborne is a Euro-style medium-weight game for two to four players. It features a light deck and tableau building. There are multiple paths to victory, and each player can decide the best route based on card collection, expanding, or trading with allies. Each path provides a unique and enjoyable play experience, giving the game strong replayability.

Winterborne has three types of characters players manipulate: Warrior – The Warrior is a Clan Leader. Using your Warrior, you will set out to Conquer faraway lands and enrich those provinces by settling and building. Using brute force, the Warrior can bring home Spoils from freshly conquered lands and enhance further growth of your clan. Shaman – The Shaman is the Elder in your clan. The Shaman will bestow gifts and enrich your clan through Taxing and Trading with Allies. The Shaman is directly linked to the Gods and can pray to bring Favor upon the clan and see you through the harsh Nordic Winter. Explorer – The Explorer has one quest: to seek out new worlds and tame “The Wylds.” Explore the unknown and discover new cards that will separate your canns and evolve your strategy. Sailing the high seas of adventure will bring you provisions, treasure, and weapons to further your path to glory.



6 Province Boards
4 House Boards
4 Kingdom Boards
1 Season Board
24 Ally Cards
4 Scoring Tokens
18 Core Cards
24 House Cards
18 Banner Cards
8 “Wylds” Card
4 Winterboard Cards
21 Spoils Tokens
30 Conquer Tiles
1 Season Marker
9 Resource Multipliers
First Player Marker
24 Settlements
12 Churchs
13 Character Meeples
30 Favor Tokens
25 Gold Tokens
25 Meat Tokens
25 Military Tokens

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