Vinyl: Masters of Metal 2e

Vinyl: Masters of Metal Edition

DESIGNER: Eric Alvarado
ARTISTS: James Churchill, Tristam Rossin, Jon Merchant, Jason Washburn
PLAYING TIME:  60-75 minutes

Masters of Metal is a stand-alone vinyl edition that builds on the base game of Vinyl and introduces the basic collections and memorabilia. Historically, memorabilia (such as t-shirts and posters) was purchased for a favorite band, adding value to the collector’s collection.

In Masters of Metal, players can acquire memorabilia and attach it to a collection. The memorabilia enhances the collection’s value (or length). In order to attach memorabilia, icons (decade, live, picture disc) need to be arranged so that the icons are adjacent between albums. The more albums and memorabilia, the longer the collection. Unlike the base game, the basic collections only require the player to match bands and reward players for long, dedicated collections.



72 Album Cards
66 Magazine Cards
4 Salesperson Dividers
1 Store Closing Divider
10 Meeples
Starting Player Token
Game Board
13 Basic Collection Reward Tokens
26 Loyalty Cards
21 Memorabilia Tokens
5 Player Boards
Album Crate

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