Vinyl Anthology

The Vinyl Anthology is a captivating series of games centered around the nostalgic pursuit of vinyl record collections. Each game in the series features a unique set collection mechanism, bringing fresh and engaging experiences to players. The original edition, now known as Vinyl Gold Edition and now just Vinyl had players leveraging knowledge from magazine cards to acquire albums from record and sales bins, creating collections that met specific criteria.

Masters of Metal expanded the core game to capture the spirit of metalheads worldwide, encouraging players to collect albums and memorabilia to enhance their collections. British Invasion leaned into using singles (45s) to acquire albums after listening to them at a listening booth, adding a distinctive twist.

Totally Awesome 80s focused on building high-quality album collections from the influx of albums traded in by customers, reflecting the vibrant music scene of the 1980s. Seasons Greeting (Holiday Edition) drew inspiration from the Christmas tradition of unearthing holiday albums, decorating trees, and exchanging gifts, infusing the game with festive cheer.

Big Band transported players to an era of jazz and swing, where nightclubs thrived with live performances by talented musicians. Jukebox challenged players to assemble personal jukeboxes from 45s, using coins collected and drawn from a pocket (represented as a bag).

Each game in The Vinyl Anthology captures the essence of its theme through carefully crafted mechanisms. The series promises to grow, hoping to add five more vinyl-themed games to round out the anthology to twelve, offering endless opportunities for music and game enthusiasts alike.

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