Shadow Network

Shadow Network

DESIGNER: Rafael Rosario
ARTISTS: James Churchill, Jason Washburn
PLAYING TIME: 60 – 90 min

1960. The Cold War is upon the world. In the shadows, agencies gather intelligence on financial institutions, political figures, military installations, and top-secret technology advancements. However, where one agency thinks it has exclusive access to intel, leaks within the network cause the information to spill worldwide. Which agency can gather enough intel on their high-profile targets, and at what costs? Who will have built the best Shadow Network?

Shadow Network is a worker placement game where players deploy their agents around the globe, collecting fragments of intel. These fragments are then promoted to an actionable state that can be used against a high-profile target and earn the player’s influence — the currency in the game. As the players gather intel from a city, intel is also leaked to other cities, potentially helping other agencies. Additional agents can be deployed, but at a cost. Furthermore, handlers can assist with exchanging intel, thereby giving the agency a leg up. At the end of four rounds of play, agencies will bribe their high-profile targets for more influence. In the end, the player with the most influence is the winner.



Game Board
5 Player Boards
30 Contract Cards
130 Intelligence Files
40 Spent Briefcase Tracker
20 Agents
10 Starting Handlers
30 Handlers
40 Briefcases of Intel
4 Black Market Tokens
1 Round Token
First Player Toke
15 Secret Data Cards
15 Black Market Cards
106 Influence Tokens
5 City Target Locked Tokens
Lone Syndicate Solo Board
10 Lone Syndicate Action Cards
6 Solo Objective Cards

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