DESIGNER: Marek Tupy
ARTISTS: James Churchill, Marlies Barends, Jason Washburn, Jon Merchant
PLAYING TIME: 60-90 minutes

Coming to Kickstarter 2025

The warm glow of sunlight streams through the window, illuminating your latest masterpiece in progress. Your brush is ready to introduce a new shade onto the canvas. After hundreds of hours of dedication, you append your signature upon your creation, marking the readiness of your painting for the globally renowned art exhibition Salon de Paris. Amid the lively hum of the café, the astute insights of art dealers, and the air of innovation surrounding the Royal Academy, you meticulously pave your way toward becoming the most acclaimed artist at this year’s Salon de Paris.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Paris in the 1890s, Salon de Paris is an immersive action selection game that invites 1 to 4 players to step into the shoes of artists living and working in this golden age of art. Salon de Paris by Marek Tupy is an engaging experience that spans 45 to 75 minutes as players navigate through six iconic locales: 

  • The Marketplace, where they source the perfect canvas, echoes the period’s lively commerce. 
  • The Academy is a nexus of intellectual progress. Players gather unique powers, bend the game’s rules via special academy cards, and hire passionate apprentices to unlock additional actions.
  • The Café a vibrant microcosm of the era’s social life, where players gather overpaint tiles and seize bonus actions inspired by patrons’ art-focused conversations. Salon de Paris was, of course, instrumental in the development of art criticism. 
  • The Studio is a sanctuary where artists’ visions come to life on the canvas through carefully placed painting chips. 
  • The Art Dealership is where players strive to win the favor of influential dealers, gaining additional points by aligning their works with the dealers’ discerning tastes.
  • The Salon Committee is the prestigious platform where finished masterpieces are displayed for admiration and critique, earning players victory points based on strategic placement and preferences of the committee.

The game approaches its climactic finale as the Salon Committee’s wall fills up with stunning works. As each masterpiece reaches completion, players’ reputations rise within the artistic circles of Paris, a significant source of victory points that also unlockeven more powerful player abilities granted by the Academy. The artist who has gathered the most victory points will celebrate being the finest painter of the Salon de Paris, truly embodying the essence of the 1890s art scene.

2019 Cardboard Edison Award Finalist



10 Starter Cards
18 Critic Cards
26 Academy Cards
3 Game References
7 Apprentice Bonus Tiles
5 Cafe Table Tokens
24 Salon Wall Bonus Tiles
First Player Token
Paris Hub Board
Salon Wall Board
32 Canvas Tiles
4 Sketchbooks
100 Painting Tiles
Salon Hanging Tile
25 Overpaint Tiles
10 Starting Color Tiles
36 Signature Tokens
16 Player Cubes
4 Artist Meeples
12 Apprentice Tokens
1 Socialite Token
Draw Bag

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