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“I’m glad that designers and companies are exploring new themes like this! It’s fun!
– Tom Vasel

The Dice Tower – Tom Vasel

How to Play and Playthrough

BGG – GameNight!

“I had this game on my list of games that I had to check out and it is one of few games from Origins 2019 that is following me home”
– Chaz Marler

BoardGameGeek Express – Origins Overview

The variable set-up of the albums, combined with the unique, randomly dealt loyalty cards will keep the game fresh and replayable for a long time. While I did not play it, there is also an advanced mode that rewards collecting albums from different record studios, as well as a Top Shelf expansion, to add even more for the experienced tabletop gamer to enjoy.


Overall, Vinyl is definitely worth a look for those looking for an excellent next-step into board gaming after traditional gateway games. It mixes smooth mechanisms with its unique theme, like the grooviest of late-night radio DJs spinning rich and warm tones that simply don’t go out of style.
– The Cardboard Hoard

Punchboard Media

“This game looks really cool with all the different vinyl records and music and the little guitars..”
– Melody

The Dice Tower – Daily Unboxing

“During this game my thinking cap was definitely on a neat little puzzler.”

Unfiltered Gamer

What Did You Play This Week Podcast Review

A lot of fun! The gaming gang enjoyed it! I actually even played it with my mom…. A very respectable 8.5 outta 10 I enjoyed it that much!
– Jeff McAleer

The Gaming Gang

Novelty galore! Collect those record players and have the best collection!

Meeple University

I Award Vinyl Gold Record Status!
– Spencer Williams

The Lighten Up Initiative

Pull quote review by Jambalaya Plays Games

    “Big Band is a quick-to-teach game of set collection and has a great theme.”
    -Minimum Player Count

  • BoardGameCo
    ‘Good value proposition and niche. Back now on Kickstarter as this may be your only chance’

  • Draft Mechanic
    “Record collecting is near and dear to my heart… this is the kind of game that i’m like yeah give me this give me this exciting theme and exciting idea and I really like how the theme is supported by the mechanics because it does really feel like a record store to me.”
    – Jake

Pull quote from Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast reviewing Vinyl

  • Quackalope – Big Band & The Complete Collection

Pull quote from ManVsMeeple Review YouTube video

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Winterborne Press and Reviews

I am not surprised that Suhre has put together another great game. It sits on the low end of medium for weight and I could see teaching this to someone who is wanting to get deeper into the hobby. There is plenty of the decision making that I enjoy in games, without breaking my brain completely.


Overall, this has the feel of an old school euro and I can see this becoming a mainstay in any collection.
The Tablestop

There is a lot of options and a lot of ways to win. Considering each card can be used in up to 3 different ways, that offers tons of player options during each and every turn, which is very rarely a bad thing.
Bell of Lost Souls

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Camp Pinetop Press and Reviews

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Night Market Press and Reviews

Top Pop Press and Reviews

For a game which, on the surface, appears to be quite light and friendly, Top Pop is surprisingly competitive and full of important, not always obvious, strategic decisions that have to be made over the course of any given turn.

Mid-Life Gamer Geek

Top Pop is definitely one of those games with more depth than appears at first glance.

a lightning quick game of escalation that will get crazy quick and often given you plenty to do. The balance is great and you are constantly thinking about how your actions affect the other players. In an abstract strategy title, all that equals great fun.


“A Quick playing Area Control Game… A Simple family weight style game but with enough thinky in the area majority to keep you engaged. It’s good fun!”

Boardgame Halv

I felt it played quickly and there was a lot of good player interaction and a lot of good strategy and interaction. There a lot of interactions and you can really mess with other peoples minds with how and when you place your city cards and stack your bottle caps.

Boardgame Mechanics

Bitewing Games

Once the game does launch on Kickstarter I will back it! So I can spend some more time playing it as I believe it is a quick, easy, light, fun game…

Horsehead Bookends 

Shadow Network Press and Reviews

House of Borgia Press and Reviews

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Public Market Press and Reviews

Late Pledge Public Market

King’s Champion Press and Reviews

A game fit for a king – I always find it interesting when a designer digs deep and finds a unique theme and then develops it into a captivating experience. King’s Champion’s does just that with its marriage of euro-style strategy and ameritrash mechanics, providing multiple paths to explore, coupled with exciting dice combat. All of this makes for a game with high replay value.”
Maurice Fitzgerald
Punchboard Media

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