Mix Tape

DESIGNER: Rob Newton
ARTISTS: James Churchill, Jon Merchant, Katherine Boils
PLAYING TIME: 30-45 minutes

As you nostalgically tune into the hottest radio stations, carefully unwrap a new blank cassette tape and position your fingers on the play/record buttons, eagerly waiting for that perfect song to air. As it plays, you press down and reflect on how it makes you feel, capturing that emotion onto the paper insert, with the hope of sharing your heartfelt sentiments with your love. With each song, the tape fills up side A, is gently ejected, and the journey continues on side B. Once the tape is filled with your carefully chosen hits, you slide it back into the case, surrounded by the paper insert adorned with your personal notes. Now, it’s time to present your heartfelt creation, the Mix Tape, to your crushRemember, in the end, it’s all about the victory. The player who has strategically recorded a mix tape by earning the most victory points emerges as the ultimate winner.

Mix Tape is a card game in which players draw cards from three decks, place a song onto their tableau, or activate each song’s Play power.

When a player has recorded 10 songs (five on side A and five on side B), victory points are totaled. A player earns victory points from the matches between the player’s crush card and the songs recorded, notes written down. Each song has a point value, a tempo bonus (which depends on the next song recorded), and the mixer levels.

The player with the most victory points wins.

Mix Tape is the first game in the Talon Strikes Quick Strike Series!



120 Song Cards
12 Crush Cards
4 Player Boards
16 Slider Tokens
4 A/B Side Tokens

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