King's Champion
DESIGNER: Jason Washburn
ARTISTS: Rebeccas Barnes, Jason Washburn
PLAYING TIME: 60-120 minutes

King’s Champion is a fast-paced dice-based jousting game. Draft your knights and choose a household to play for. Once the tournament begins, you will use your abilities to increase the power of your knights. You will add squires, equipment, and banners to your powerful knights through strategic gameplay. Each time you joust, you can earn the “Favor of a King” token.

Once you gain enough favor from the king, you can promote your knight and achieve better and stronger abilities. Using pages to complete tasks for each knight, you will continue to gain king tokens, and score hits to increase your dice pool. After six rounds of jousting combat, see if you have collected enough honor to become the King’s Champion.



5 Building Cards
5 Political Cards
1 List Card
12 Advanced Ability Cards
2 House Cards
1 Round Card
24 Ability Cards
2 Status Cards
18 Enhancement Cards
6 Knight Cards
30 Worker Tokens
1 First Player Token
10 Influence Tokens
Knight Jousting Tokens
34 Colored Dice
1 Bag

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