House of Borgia
DESIGNER: Scott Almes
ARTISTS: Ian Rosenthaler, Benjamin Shulman
PLAYING TIME: 30 minutes

In House of Borgia, the pope has just met his untimely demise. You are a fledgling cardinal who has been vying to be the next pope and know that your shady way of getting things done does not work well with the Conclave. To remedy this situation, you decide to do the next best thing: be the next pope’s advisor so that you will be the one pulling the strings.

Your mission in House of Borgia is to manipulate the Conclave, using bribes, poison, and nasty rumors to your advantage. But tread carefully. If your support for a particular Cardinal is discovered, victory will slip through your fingers.

In this dice-rolling, hidden role game, It will take a “church full” of skill, bluffing, and deceit to push your Cardinal’s favorable alignment without getting caught. Will you be the one to fool all the others and end up on top? Or will your shady ways lead to your demise?



18 Playing Cards
6 Cardinals Mats
6 Player Screens
60 Wooden Tokens
24 Custom Dice
1 Large Marker
6 Card Stands
1 Rulebook



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