Meet Talon Strikes Studios

Founded by Jason Washburn in 2013, Talon Strikes Studios (TSS) is an independent board game company committed to delivering high-quality, immersive gaming experiences. Over the years, TSS has launched numerous successful games and continues to contribute to the independent board gaming industry’s growth.

Our Humble Beginnings

TSS kicked off with four games: Hooch – The Card Game (2013), Hooch (2014), House of Borgia (2016), and King’s Champion (2017). House of Borgia and King’s Champion succeeded despite initial challenges, gaining 784 and 781 backers, respectively.

Throughout this period, Jason Washburn, our founder, emerged as a pivotal contributor to the independent board gaming industry. Jason has been instrumental in shaping TSS’s reputation for top-tier gaming products through podcasts and relentless attention to detail.

Growth and Expansion

The year 2017 marked a significant milestone in TSS’s journey with the induction of Eric Alvarado as a partner. Eric, an experienced game designer and the creative mind behind Vinyl brought fresh ideas and resources to TSS. His previous success with Cardboard Edison’s Cobras campaign and his vast network of industry connections breathed new life into our growing company.

The partnership was followed by successful Kickstarter campaigns: Vinyl (2018), Winterborne (2019), Camp Pinetop (2019), Public Market (2020), Vinyl Big Band/Jukebox (2020), and Shadow Network (2020), and Top Pop (2021) each attracting many backers and exceeding their funding goals.

Talon Strikes Studios Today

Today, with Night Market arriving in 2024 and many more exciting games in the pipeline, such as Mix Tape launching in July 2024, Byline in September 2024, and Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe, Salon de Paris, and Java Express all releasing in 2025, we are solidifying our position as a beacon in the board game industry. TSS is not just about creating games; it’s about nurturing a community of gamers. We work tirelessly to evolve TSS from a small indie game publisher to a medium-sized powerhouse. We continue contributing to the gaming community by mentoring future designers and publishers, hosting game design contests, and participating in pitch events.

Our Vision

We invite you to join us on our journey as we grow. We envision a future filled with thrilling board game experiences that bring people together and create lasting memories. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a novice, let’s roll the dice, move the pieces, and make unforgettable moments with Talon Strikes Studios.


Our Team

Jason Washburn


Valuable Partners

Jon Merchant - Graphic Designer, Quick Strikes Series Partner

Derek Lovell - Game Development

Glenn Flaherty - Social Media

Katherine Boils - Graphic Designer

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